Clinical Psychology - Dr. Elisse Blinder
Dr. Elisse Blinder, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Blinder offers confidential support to remove the unconscious obstructions that prevent you from living an authentic, fulfilling life. Her practice commitment is to identify and transform what unconciously drives your choices and the resulting unsatisfying outcomes, so that you can find the freedom to manifest what you intend. Freedom to make better choices for a new future.

Dr. Blinder is an expert in providing support for a wide variety of issues, or for anyone seeking a way to change unwanted patterns, including:
  • Divorced parents who need help adjusting to co-parenting

  • Couples seeking a shift in their relationship

  • School-age children needing help with socialization

  • Adolescents who need help at this stage of growth

  • Anyone seeking relief from depression, anxiety or even normal grief that does not resolve

  • Other therapists seeking case consultation or to deepen their work with dreams

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